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!buyhouse Buy a house for the character, it is necessary to be in front of the door.
!sellhouse Sell the house to the indicated player.
aleta sio Edit the house guest list.
aleta som Edit house sub-owners.
alana sio Take the player out of the house.
aleta grav Edit doors permissions.
!saldo Displays the balance Arinar Coins in shopping.
!bless Buy all blessings to the character.
!aol Purchase 1x Amulet of Loss.
!guildlevel Contains information about your guild level.
!autoloot Contains information about the autoloot system.
!party Check all information about your party.
!tradeoff Sale and purchase of products, for more information click here.
!resetar Adds one more reset to the character as long as he has the necessary level.
!addonboost Activate the bonus with the command !addonboost name of the outfit.
!loot Informs loot booster time.
!boss Informs the time of bosses available for access.
!cast Opens up the stream for other players to watch you play. Cast without a password gets an extra experience bonus.
!frags Show the number of people you've killed.
!balance Display bank balance in gold coins.
!expbonus Check out all experience bonuses your character receives.
!outfitbonus Check all experience and skills bonuses through the outfit bonus system.

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